Appliance Types


Metal Braces:

 Small metal brackets still remain the most popular choice for most orthodontic patients.  The plastic o-ties that hold the wires in place on the brackets can be just about any color imaginable. Silver o-ties which blend in with the bracket are used if colors are not desired.

Clear Braces: 

  • Ceramic Brackets--For a less noticable appearance we offer ceramic brackets which almost  disappear when bonded to the upper teeth.
  • Clear Aligners--Thin, invisible aligners can be used in less complex corrections.  Changed every two weeks, the aligners are removed only for brushing and eating.  For more information, visit or

 Rapid Palatal Expander(RPE):

 Cemented to the back teeth and activated daily at home, this appliance expands a deficient upper jaw to created room for permanent tooth eruption and or correct a cross-bite.  This appliance is removed after the correction is achieved and the bone is stable.

Herbst Appliance:

Cemented to the back teeth this appliance holds the lower jaw in a more forward position to permit jaw growth which corrects an excessive overbite caused by a deficient lower jaw.  Normal chewing and speech is enjoyed while wearing this shock absorber - like appliance.


Some growing patients require an external force to redirect abnormal  jaw growth tendencies.  Primarily worn at night, headgears need not be worn during sports activities, eating, social events, or to school.


Finished comprehensive treatments all require full time retainer wear for a few months followed by nighttime wear to ensure stable results.  Certain simple cases require only a retainer to close a space or align a single tooth.  Patients may design their own retainer with an array of colors, including glitter and their name is incorporated into the acrylic


Rigid clear acrylic covers the chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent damage from grinding (bruxism) or to resolve jaw joint (TMJ) issues.


Compatible with most orthodontic appliances, soft rubber mouthguards are available for various athletic activities.