Why Choose Us?


Very Important !!     Choose a Qualified Orthodontic Specialist

 Teeth, and sometimes entire facial structures, are permanently changed by orthodontic treatment.  It is very important that the treatment be properly timed, appropriate for the condition, and expertly completed.  Lip posture and chin position determine facial balance, profile, and smile presentation.  Premature aging can be prevented, periodontal health be maintained, and abnormal wear prevented with appropriate orthodontic decisions and treatment.  Simply aligning the teeth is not quality orthodontic treatment. 

 Orthodontic specialists have extensive and specialized training that enables them to provide their patients with professional, personalized treatments.  Dr. Lloyd B. Swiedom has studied two years beyond the four years of college and four years of dental school specifically for orthodontics.  His Master of Science in Orthodontics certifies him as an orthodontic specialist.  He has gone a step beyond and pursued the rigorous requirements of the American Board of Orthodontics to become board certified. As a Diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics he holds himself to a higher standard than average or just acceptable.  For more information on the American Board of Orthodontics, visit 

 Affordable Treatment

 Our policy is to provide the highest quality treatment and make it highly affordable.  We offer  low monthly payments with no finance or interest charges. As participating for many insurance plans including Aetna, Met Life, Cigna, Humana, Delta Dental, and others, a very low initial fee is required.  As a courtesy we will also file and accept assignment of benefits from your insurance company.  Discounts are also offered for payments in full.  

  No Hidden Costs for Treatment

Your Total Case Fee is just that, period.  It includes the cost of orthodontic appliance placemant, treatment visits, removal of appliances, a set of retainers, and retainer visits.  There is an additional fee for clear brackets which will be included in the total case fee.

 "Do What It Takes"  Service

 Dr. Swiedom and his staff are committed to doing what it takes to make sure we deliver the highest quality care and treatment to you and your family.  Dr. Swiedom will personally examine the patient at every appointment.  Oral hygiene and appliance damage will be evaluated as well as appointment puncutally and cooperation such as elastic wear.  If any aspect of the treatment needs to be addressed, the staff will let you know.  Likewise, if you should ever have a concern or need a question answered, please notify a staff member or the doctor himself and we will do our best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

On-going Staff Training

 Dr. Swiedom believes that keeping himself and his staff up-to-date on current orthodontic related issues is very important.  Continuing education seminars on issues ranging from providing great patient service to advanced orthodontic techniques are required.  The better informed we are, the better the services we can provide for you.  The staff is not only educated to make your treatment efficient and comfortable, but they are encouraged to have Fun as well.  Making orthodontics fun for you and fun for us helps us get excellent results from a more enjoyable experience.